University of Arkansas

School of Social Work & Public Policy Ph.D. Program


The School of Social Work and the Public Policy Ph.D. Program (PUBP) cooperate in offering students who enroll in the Masters in Social Work (MSW) program, the option to count six hours of their 5000-level MSW coursework towards the 12 hours of required PUBP specialization courses for Family Policy or Policy Studies in Aging.  To exercise this option, the student must apply for admission and be accepted into the PUBP doctoral program.  In addition to the six hours of 5000-level transfer credit, students will need to complete 42 hours of doctoral-level coursework and 18 dissertation hours.

Although UA MSW students are encouraged to declare their intent to apply to the MSW/PUBP track at the point of MSW admission, they can declare at any point prior to graduation from the MSW Program.  Applicants are not officially accepted in the PUBP program until they are granted admission by PUBP.     Admission to PUBP is contingent upon completion of the MSW degree.

At the point of MSW admission or any subsequent point prior to MSW graduation, UA MSW students should provide a statement of intent for admission to the MSW/PUBP track.  The statement of intent must be given to the student’s MSW advisor for placement in the student’s MSW file.  The statement shall include a brief explanation of the reasons for pursing the MSW/PUBP track, including a statement of post-doctorate career goals.  Students must also attend an advising session with the specialization coordinator for Family Policy or Policy Studies in Aging. Evidence of this advising session, including signature and date, must accompany the statement of intent.  The student must also sign the statement of intent to confirm they understand the following: 

  • Although it is required for the MSW/PUBP track, the statement of intent does not guarantee admission to PUBP.
  • To be eligible for admission to the MSW/PUBP Track of PUBP, MSW students in their advanced year must apply and be admitted to PUBP.  As such, applicants must:
    • meet all requirements for admission to PUBP; and
    • receive a letter of support from their School of Social Work MSW Advisor or the MSW Program Director indicating the student is prepared for doctoral-level study. 
  • Students in this track are strongly encouraged to have a faculty member from SCWK as a chair or member of her/his doctoral advisory committee and dissertation committee.