Online Advanced Standing Program

The Online Advanced Standing program admitted it’s first cohort in 2016. The 12 month, full-time program (39 credit hours) allows students to complete all MSW degree requirements from their home location.  Agency-based field internships are also arranged in the vicinity of the student’s location. Orientation is conducted online and no campus visits are required. Online students must meet specific technology requirements.  

Tech Requirements - Online Advanced Standing

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Advanced Standing program (on campus and online) must meet all the requirements for admission to the Master of Social Work degree program. In addition, Advanced Standing applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in social work from a CSWE accredited program, or recognized through its International Social Work Degree Recognition and Evaluation Service, completed within the past 6 years.   Applicants who earned their degree more than 6 years prior to application may petition for an exception, by documenting a significant post-bachelor’s history of social work employment and ongoing continuing education. (See Petition for Exception, under Applying for the MSW Program/Application Forms).

Application Deadlines

The deadline for applications to both the Online Advanced Standing program and the Graduate School is January 15th

See MSW Admission Requirements on our website for comprehensive information on Advanced Standing program requirements.

For more information, please contact Janet Morgan, Administrative Specialist II at or 479-575-6668.   

MSW Curriculum Plan: Online Advanced Standing Program 

Summer Semester

SCWK 5013: Bridge Course: Evidence-Based Social Work 3
Elective* 3
Eletive* 3
Elective* 3
Total semester hours 12

Fall Semester 

SCWK 6003: Advanced Practice Using the Multi-Systems Life Course Perspective 3
SCWK 5073: Social Work Research & Technology II 3
SCWK6000L: Thesis Lab*** 0
SCWK 6444: Advanced Field Internship I (3 days/week)** 4
SCWK 6442: Advanced Field Seminar I 2
Elective* 3
Total semester hours 15

Spring Semester 

SCWK 6233:  Advanced Practice with Children & Youth Using the MSLC Perspective
SCWK 6243: Advanced Practice with Adults Using the MSLC Perspective
SCWK6000L: Thesis Lab*** 0
SCWK 6454: Advanced Field Internship II (3 days/week)** 4
SCWK 6452: Advanced Field Seminar II 2
Elective* 3
Total semester hours 12
Total required credit hours 39
*Five electives are required (total 12 credit hours).  Electives may be completed at any time during the program, if pre-requisites have been met.  Electives may be taken outside of the program, with advisor’s approval.
**A total of 660 field internship hours are completed over the course of three semesters.
***Only students who have chosen the thesis option should register for Thesis Lab.